GPCtv is a network of digital signage display panels located at building entry points, student centric areas and areas of specialized services for students across all campuses. The service supports the electronic delivery of HD graphic slides, video formats, cable programs and RSS news feeds. The service is targeted primarily as a student communications vehicle, allowing for students to receive important, relevant and ongoing communications about student services, events, and activities happening internally and externally to the college.

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Definitions of Services

GPCTV Requests: 
Event Technologies manages and maintains a network of digital signage displays with the support of OIT. The information is displayed in graphic design and video with advertisements on 35 displays. They are located in 17 buildings throughout the GPC campuses as well as on our Comcast Cable DeKalb County Education Access Channel (EAC).


GPCTV Requests: 
All campus GPCtv requests for advertisements on the college’s digital signage displays require the same lead time and are incorporated within publicity portion of the form. All material displayed is subject to review by OIT and/or the Marketing and Public Relations department (MPR). This type of request does not require a Gpc-space confirmation number.

Requesting content posting to GPCtv

  • All departments may request content posting through the event technology request form.
  • Students may request content posting via their campus Student Government/Life Director representatives.
  • GPCtv is digital signage provided for GPC students. GPCtv will only run advertisements specifically targeted to students, for GPC sanctioned events, either on or off of GPC campuses.

Criteria for posting content


GPCtv content is currently displayed in 3 formats:

Large Frame
4:3 SD format
(1300 x 1000 pixels)

The large frame format is generally used for event advertisements that are happening in the immediate future (within
1-3 weeks).

Tall Frame
11×17 format
(650 x 1000 pixels)

The tall frame format is generally used for more long term advertisement. GPC calendar dates, facility hours, long
term, college wide PSAs, etc.

Full Screen HD
HD format
(1920 x 1080 pixels)

The full screen format is currently used exclusively for large events that will take over one or more college buildings
for most of a day (i.e. Convocation, Faculty and Staff Development Day, etc.). Event schedule and other info can be
designed to run on the GPCtv screens in a particular building where an event had closed off the building to student
use for a period of time. Prior approval of exclusive full screen content must be granted before a full screen request
may be made.

Run Time

GPCtv slides display for between 7-15 seconds depending on the amount of information on the slide, size of the target audience, length of runtime on GPCtv. GPCtv slide require the standard 2 business day advance request that all event request require, however it is strongly suggested that any GPCtv request be made at least two weeks in advance to allow for adequate display time to increase the likelihood of students seeing your advertisement.


If you already have a GPCtv slide design or poster design that you are using for an event we can work with you to help you format that design to work within the parameters of the GPCtv criteria for display. If you do not have a design for your advertisement we can work with you to design a compelling ad that will work for your purposes. As a GPCtv slide run for only a short time in each iteration the most effective advertisements will only contain the most important information and all content will be kept as concise as possible.

Required Information

  • Event Title
  • Subtitle / Concise Event Description (10 words or less)
  • Event Date and Time Event
  • Location (Campus, Room)
  • More Information Contact (Email and Phone)


Video Format

Videos to be displayed on GPCtv must be formatted to fit into the GPCtv windows (Large format: 1300×1000 pixels, or Tall format, 650×1000 pixels).

Video Sound

As many GPCtv displays are in hallways just outside of classrooms or in student study areas, most GPCtv displays do not have the sound turned on. Therefore, it is necessary that you create a video advertisement that will work without audio. When necessary, it may be possible to allow sound for video in specific areas with prior approval.


Most video advertisements should run no longer than the GPCtv standard 15-second length. Prior approval must be acquired before a request is made to run a video advertisement that is longer than 15 seconds.

GPCtv display locations

Alpharetta Campus
AA-1 screen, Main Entrance Hallway

Dunwoody Campus
NB- 3 screens, Student Center 1st Floor on stairs and 2nd Floor near exit
NC -1 screen, Café/Atrium
NE -1 screen, Ground Floor Stairway
NL -1 screen, Front Entrance Hallway

Clarkston Campus
CA- 2 screens, Study area
CB- 1 screen, 1st Floor, study area
2 screens, 2nd Floor, adjacent to stairway doors
CC- 2 screens, 1st Floor, end of hallways.
2 screens, 2nd Floor, adjacent to stairway door, hallway corner
CN- 1 screen, 1st Floor, student bulletin board
1 screen, 2nd Floor, adjacent to top of stairs
CL- Education Access Channel (EAC)

Decatur Campus
SA- 1 screen, 1st Floor, adjacent to garden entrance hallway
SB- 1 screen, 1st Floor, outside of LTC, Adjacent to stairway entrance
SB- 1 screen, 2nd Floor, near the student center walkway entrance.
SC- 1 screen, Student Center
SF- 1 screen, 1st Floor, adjacent to elevator
SF- 1 screen, 2nd Floor, adjacent to elevator hallway
SH- 2 screens, Back to back, middle of hallway

Newton Campus
1N – 1 screen 1st Floor, near elevator hallway
1 Screen 2nd Floor, end of hallway near the stairs
1 Screen 3rd Floor, top of the stairs
2N – 1 Screen 1st Floor, near elevator hallway
1 Screen 2nd Floor, top of the stairs

Lakeside Campus
5 Screens located throughout the building