Web Applications

mature woman using laptopThe Web Technologies team is responsible for the technology and programming support of the GPC web sites and web application development for various functional and strategic initiatives throughout the college. If you have any questions or require access to a web application, please submit your request to the Service Desk. The web application catalog includes:

For Students

  • Career Services – allows students to view and apply for current job openings that have
    been submitted through GPC’s Career Services department and offered by corporations
    in the area
  • Course Withdrawal Request – allows students to request a withdrawal from their
    course(s). The request is processed through administrative offices to complete the
  • GPA Calculator – allows students to calculate their GPA for current or future planning.
  • Illness Notification System – allows students to report and notify their instructors when
    they are going to be absent from their classes. This also allows GPC to identify the
    outbreak of flu or other viruses in the GPC community.
  • MyStatus
    • Document Upload – allows students to upload their application documents to
      the admissions office for processing
    • Text Messaging Subscriptions
  • Online Orientation and Payment – allows students to complete the Part I – online
    orientation and pay for Part II – on-campus orientation and registration.
    status and the amount of online and/or on-campus courses they plan to take.
  • Media Lab Reservation System – allows students to reserve media equipment online.
  • Mobile Application – allows new students to view the status of their application, upload
    documents and signup for text message alerts. Also allows current students to view
    their class schedules, account balances, holds, GPC event schedules and many more.
  • Student Signup – allows students to register for the Compass test, CLEP tests, proctored
    online class tests, and student life seminars and webinars.
  • Tuition Calculator – allows students to calculate their tuition based on their residency.

For Employees

  • Banner Account Request – allows student support staff to request access to Banner
  • Contactor/Consultant Email Request – allows 3rd party personnel to request access to
    GPC’s wireless network and/or email id creation
  • Daily Digest – consolidated communication vehicle for broadcasting events and news to
    GPC employees
  • eSAMS – provides student support and the call center personnel with an easy interface
    to the Banner system as well as other helpful student assistance aids.
  • Event Request Form – allows employees to request GPC Technology assistance for GPC
  • Faculty Promotion & Tenure Application – provides the administrators and faculty a
    workflow process and document repository to support the promotion and tenure
  • GPC Directory – provides a directory of department, faculty and staff phone numbers
    and email addresses
  • Position Management – allows budget managers to view integrated data from ADP and
    PeopleSoft of active and vacant positions and budgetary information for their
  • Report / Survey Request System – allows employees to request a report or survey from
    the office of Institutional Research
  • SACS Faculty Credentials – allows faculty to upload documents and administrators to
    review the credentials of faculty for SACS reviews
  • SACS Staff Credentials – allows staff to enter professional data and administrators to
    review the expertise of staff for SACS reviews.
  • SIS Web Reports – provides faculty and staff 50 various reports derived from real-time
    Banner data including admissions, grades, class rosters to room utilization reports.
  • Software Request – provides faculty with a centralized web site to request GPC licensed
    software for use at home
  • SMARTS (Student Managed Assistance Response Tracking System) – a CRM system that provides student service offices with a suite of software applications to serve the students
  • Website Calendar Functions – provides instructions on how to integrate the Calendar
    Anything calendars into GPC websites
  • Website Content Management Systems – installations of Drupal and WordPress to
    support website creation and maintenance including www.gpc.edu, departmental and
    functional websites
  • Web Publishing Guides – provides a guide to employees publishing GPC websites

For Students and Employees

  • AskGPC – provides a semantic search of the FAQ’s based on natural language
  • eLounge – provides an online forum for employees and students to collaborate,
    exchange books, share rides, etc.
  • FAQ – provides a college-wide repository of Frequently Asked questions.
  • GetMyGPCID – provides employees and students an application to retrieve their GPCID.
  • GetMyLogin (set or reset password) – provides employees a students an application to
    retrieve their GPC username and email address and set or reset their password
  • Polling Station – provides employees and students an online survey, poll, and voting
  • Website Comment / Request / Assistance System – provides the GPC community and
    visitors a form for submitting comments, requests, and assistance from GPC
    departments as well as a back-end tracking system to route and track requests and