Mobile Devices

The following setups might work for you, however; GPC does not offer support for handheld devices such as Iphone and Android or support for calendar and contacts to be synced over the air. See your provider for specific information.

Apple Device Setup

Active Sync

ActiveSync-enabled smartphones or devices will be able to sync with your mail, calendar, and contacts.

ActiveSync is software installed in the mobile device, allowing it to synchronize email, contacts, calendar items, and tasks with the same items stored on the College email servers. Normally you see this information only in Outlook (PC users), Entourage (Mac users), or through Webmail; ActiveSync enables our email server to send that same information to your mobile device.

You won’t have to do anything special to keep your mobile device synchronized, like pressing “send / receive” or some other button on the mobile device because it will stay in sync. This aspect of ActiveSync is called “push updates.” When a new email message arrives in your mailbox or an appointment changes, our email server notifies your phone and your phone automatically retrieves the changes.

Since your mobile device is receiving email and appointments, you will have to pay for the “airtime”. To use ActiveSync you need to have a data plan with your mobile device carrier. GPC is not responsible for charges incurred by using ActiveSync and your mobile device.

GPC will provide you with key information for setting up ActiveSync on your mobile device. However, you are responsible for actually setting up the device.

Key Information

Enable SSL
GPC Username i.e. jdoe
GPC password