Video Conferencing

Meeting long distance

Videoconferencing can be defined as live, two-way (or more) interactive high resolution video and full duplex audio of the participants with the ability to share computer images. The systems are designed for collaboration of groups of 15 or less with approximately 9 endpoints throughout GPC’s 6 location/campuses.

External sites with IP conferencing capability can also be added with advance notice.

High-definition cameras and broad-array microphones are utilized to allow all persons participating in the conference to be seen and heard. Documents and computer images can also be shared through the videoconferencing system’s “presentation” mode.

They system utilizes a TMS software to schedule calls through a bridge device along with firewall traversal and IPVCR (recording) hardware as options.

Listed below are the two basic types of videoconferencing that are supported by GPC.

  1. Installed: An example of this system is the 42” plasma display located in SA3500. At the time of purchase this was the room designated by the administration as the location for the equipment. The other campus locations are the Dean’s conference rooms AA1530, NA2150, 1N3105, CN2301 and LAK3. All of these systems are currently operational and under a maintenance and warranty contract. 2.
  2. Portable: These systems are “portable” with some restrictions due to the limited durability and their wired network security requirements. For this reason they are limited to a primary and secondary designated location usually within the same building. We commonly connect these systems to a classroom data projector to expand the image from the attached 19” to 32” display.

Below is a list of the portable systems locations that are used for academic and non-academic events.

Clarkston– CN2220 (primary) CL1100 (secondary system used for overflow)
The primary portable system is operational but the overflow unit #2 has reached end of life
Decatur– See update below
Dunwoody– NB2100/01; NB1600/01 as secondary
Portable low res system (system is beyond end of life)
Newton– 1N2210/30; 2N1100 as secondary Alpharetta- No portable

UPDATE: A new HD bridge system, Dean’s conference room, and three portable replacements have recently been purchased and we are eager to deploy them and update the display capabilities while updating and adding to our existing inventory.


The above listed technology is not to be confused with Webex/desktop sharing/ conferencing designed for one to one or one to a few participants with audio and sometimes video from the desktop.

Web conferencing at the desktop level can be utilized by creating a session with our WebEx enterprise. This solution works best for a “one-to-many” virtual demonstration conference. Features include a video window for the presenter, full audio capability for computer microphone, a chat window for conference attendees, and the ability to share computer content upon agreement.


All of the above services can be requested for use by checking the videoconference box within The form will require a GPC-space confirmation number for completion. For more information about these services, please contact