Walk-up technical assistance for GPC students

Hours Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-2pm
Locations Clarkston CL2350 JagSPOT and Newton 1N2200 JagSPOT

Logistics of Services

Services include Antivirus/Antispyware scanning

  • System cleaning information
  • Setting browser configurations
  • Configuring a system to function with iCollege
  • Providing installation assistance with GPC provided software
  • Troubleshooting hardware issues
  • Assistance with wireless printing set-up
  • Configuring network settings to accept GPC’s network and wireless
  • Assisting with peripheral connections to the customer’s equipment
  • Providing advice for system maintenance and configuration

Services do not include

  • Replacement of default or damaged hardware
  • Voiding of warranties
  • Purchasing of hardware or software
  • System rebuilds or in-depth OS repairs or rebuilds
  • Compromising the internal security of GPC’s network or systems
  • Anything violating GPC or Board of Regents policy