Peripheral Support

GPC – Technology Support Services Equipment recommendations GPC TSS has compiled a list of the equipment that is currently supported in our computing environment. Purchases made from this list are deemed as “supported” by OIT and the institution for compatibility with our infrastructure and technical support. While deviations from this list are considered, they may not meet infrastructure or support requirements. As an example: The institution does not support desktop printing, therefore printers purchased by the institution should be compatible or function with multiple network protocols to allow connection of the multiple platforms we support. This compatibility will ensure that both MAC and Windows devices will work with the equipment selected for purchase. Please note that all equipment purchased by the institution must carry a three year extended warranty.

Desktop Systems:

  • Link for OpiPlex 7020 Link for 27”
  • iMac

Laptop Systems:

  • Link for Latitude E6440 Link for 13” Mac Book Pro Link for laptop docking station for E6440

*Note: Laptops for Faculty and Staff will also come with a redeployed PC keyboard, mouse and monitor until the supply is exhausted. *


  • Link to Surface Pro III
  • Link to iPad Air II

Departmental Printers:

Color Laser:

  • HP LJ C M551
  • HP LJ M651dn

B/W Laser:

  • HP LJ 401dne HP LJ M603

Multifunction Printers:


  • OJ Pro M425 MFP


  • HP LJ M525 MFP
  • HP LJ M425 MFP
  • HP LJ M127fn MFP

Backup Devices:

Currently the recommended backup device is an external hard drive. This device may be purchased from an authorized vendor in ePRO.