Event Technology Request

Policy Statement & Definitions

Reason for the Policy

To define a standard operating policy and procedures for requesting audiovisual equipment
support and service for events sponsored by Georgia Perimeter College.


Georgia Perimeter College’s Office of Classroom & Event Technologies maintains an inventory of
audiovisual and videoconferencing equipment for GPC faculty, staff, student and patron use. GPC administration may sponsor or authorize a non-GPC entity the use of equipment, technology
and/or staff for an assigned fee.

Definitions of Services

GPC Event Request

An Event is defined as a GPC function, gathering or meeting that is not categorized with a class section number. Events generally occur in conference rooms and common areas and can occur occasionally in classroom space and off campus venues. Each approved event has a confirmation code assigned that will be needed to request audiovisual equipment.

Off Campus Event Request

Requests are generally for faculty needing equipment to take to a remote location to support a presentation at a conference. Other off campus or large group functions may be supported through direct contact with Event Technologies with information regarding the event. (See PROCEDURES on the next page.)

GPCTV Requests

Event Technologies manages and maintains a network of digital signage displays with the support of OIT. The information is displayed in well-designed graphic form on displays located in several buildings throughout the campuses.

Video and Audio Conferencing

Event Technologies offers two types of live two way interactive single or multipoint videoconferencing. The first is in support of the academic classroom and is generally a permanently installed location setup in classrooms. Students can experience a live class with state of the art technology while an instructor is located at a remote site. The second supports administration, faculty and staff. These systems are designed for three to five participants at each site with the room arranged in a meeting form. All sites offer the ability for personal computer and document camera collaboration with training upon request. Audio conferencing follows the same parameters as the administrative videoconferencing minus the video components.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service level agreements formally define service and expectation requirements between the requestor and OIT Event Technologies, allowing for a clear understanding of what services are provided, in what time frame services are provided and what is required of each party to insure service expectations can be met as defined by the SLA.


On Campus Event Request

Event Requests are made via an online form.  A valid GPC login is required to access the form.  A MINIMUM two full business days and a gpc-spce confirmation/reference number are required to provide the delivery, setup, training and/or staff to support the event.  A minimum of 15 minutes is required between back to back events possessing the same location. Last minute requests during the setup are subject to equipment and staff availability.

Off Campus Event Requests

Request for events and equipment are handled on a case by case basis and/or by a member of Event Technologies participating on a committee for the event. Off Campus equipment loans require a week’s notice with a brief description of use along with date and time of use via e-mail to eventtech@gpc.edu. The requestor is responsible for the care and use of the equipment and must return it upon the agreed date. Failure to comply will result in suspension of future use.

GPCTV Requests

All campus GPCTV requests for advertisements on the college’s local displays require the same lead time and are incorporated within http://www.gpc.edu/oit/eventrequest form. All material displayed is subject to review by OIT and/or the Marketing and Public Relations department (MPR). This type of request does not require a gpc-space confirmation number.

Video and Audio Conferencing

Administrative videoconferences must be scheduled via the campus Dean’s office with the exception of Decatur’s administrative DVC located in SA3500. All other Academic Digital Videoconference (DVC) links and Audio Conferencing can be scheduled via the http://www.gpc.edu/oit/eventrequest form.

Video Recording Events

Event Technologies does not offer this service. Please contact the Marketing and Public Relations Department to place a request for this specialized service.

Policy Applicability

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Event Technologies will satisfy requests made within the Event Request web form parameters. Only GPC employees are allowed to make requests for equipment and services.

Compliance and Enforcement

Timely requests for audio visual and event equipment must be strictly adhered to in order to meet service levels. Requestor expectations are clearly stated within the procedure outlined in this document. Non-compliance could result in Event Technologies’ failure to meet service levels thus causing delays in delivery of requested services. Event Technologies will attempt to complete every request for service within the defined service level; however, in cases where requests fall outside of compliance, Event Technologies will provide its best effort to minimize delays in service fulfillment. Factors that may affect delays include equipment availability, staffing resources and current demands for services.


  1. Visit and reserve your event space. If you do not require a setup by Plant Operations or Event Technologies, you may e-mail gpc-space@gpc.edu directly for the space request Additional forms may b needed for Plant Operation assistance.
  2. Fill out the http://www.gpc.edu/oit/eventrequest form, even if equipment is permanently mounted in the room. This form requires a GPC space confirmation/reference number! Be aware of events or meetings prior to your own and allow sufficient time for equipment placement and testing. Guest network – access for non GPC personnel can be requested through https://www.gpc.edu/~gpcsd/guests.php. Last minute equipment additions are discouraged and subject to equipment and staff availability. These orders will be processed in the order in which it was received.
  3. The requestor is responsible for the security of the equipment during the requested time listed on the Event Request form.