Projects & Planning

Plotting the course to success

The IT Project Management Office provides the following services supporting institutional strategic initiatives and information technology projects.

Portfolio Management

  • Process & Procedure Development & Improvement
  • Project Intake
  • Reporting
  • Resource Management -> Capacity Planning

Project Management

  • Project Management Services
  • Business Case Development / Charter
  • Assistance in Project Planning (scope, schedule, budget)
  • Project Management Training & Consultation

Projects included in the managed portfolios meet the following criteria.

Strategic Projects align with one or more of these criteria

  1. Support one or more strategic goals
  2. Are approved by the Executive Team through the Project Intake process
  3. Meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. Directly support one or more strategic goals
    2. Require more than 160 hours effort
    3. Require more than one department
    4. Funded from College Strategic Funding
    5. Exceed $25,000 in total cost

Organizational Projects align with one or more of these criteria

  1. Requires 80 or more hours of work effort
  2. Is of high visibility and/or a strategic initiative for the college
  3. Delivers a new service or product for the college

IT promotes and supports the Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology to accomplish the goals and objectives of the institution.