IT Strategic Priorities

Technology at GPC is aligned to support four major strategic focus areas. The strategic focus areas are the anchor tenets and strategic priorities of the institutional strategy.

Increasing Enrollment

We believe GPC will remain a large access-institution with strong physical and online components. The academic and functional activities of the college will take place in both physical and online spaces, with little or none of the traditional distinctions we know today. Social interaction is commonplace online, and technology is ubiquitous on campus. The technological infrastructure is modular and component-based, allowing incoming and continuous students’ admissions, financial, advisement, academic, and other transactions to be seamless, customer-centric, and fully automated. The transactional systems are supported by robust business intelligence systems that allow for simple analysis, excellent forecasting, and the identification and utilization of valid measurements of success.

Enhancing Learning

​The landscape of enhanced learning will be cultivated by the collaboration between faculty and students to create meaningful landmarks. On this landscape, the faculty will be extending instructional boundaries, redesigning the learning spaces, embracing uncharted territories, and facilitating innovation. As a result we will improve our student’s success by decreasing the gap between theory and practice, shortening the bridge to globalization, and providing learning for our students anytime, anyplace.

Improving our Public Image

GPC will become the ideal learning community that is focused on student success; offering collaborative, dynamic, creative, and boundless opportunities.

Increasing Efficiencies

​GPC will leverage both human capital and technology in ways which will transform GPC into a model of efficiency and distinction that will thrive in an increasingly competitive, global environment.