IT Planning Principles

Technology services and expansion at GPC are weighed against the six following planning principles. These principles are applied to the strategic priorities.

  1. Customer Focused. We start and end the design process with the customer experience as our goal. Our services and solutions are consistently measured for tone and feedback from the customers they are designed to serve.
  2. No Paper. We are responsible for eliminating paper-driven processes, college-wide.
  3. Cloud First. We buy and build in the cloud before on-premise, in-house solutions are pursued. We believe this enables the college to focus more on technologies that differentiate us and add value and efficiencies for our students.
  4. Innovation. We rigorously pursue innovation and continuous improvement to support our mission.
  5. Efficient and Secure. Our solutions and services are maximized for efficiency within the confident framework of security and privacy.
  6. Fiscal Responsibility. We believe it is our obligation to students and to taxpayers to build transparency in our finances, to align our resources with institutional strategy, and to provide solutions that minimize costs across the institution.