Information Security


The InfoSec function within GPC IT provides policies, technologies, and services to ensure that:

  • GPC’s information assets are adequately protected
  • Personal identities are safeguarded
  • Compliance requirements are met

GPC InfoSec personnel

  • Assess risks to GPC’s information, IT infrastructure, and business processes
  • Define appropriate measures to address the risks
  • Maintain plans and procedures to respond to information security incidents
  • Ensure the GPC community understands their responsibilities and best practices

Every user is responsible for practicing safe computing, which include items such as:

  • Ensuring we are using strong passwords to protect our user accounts and never sharing passwords with others.
  • Deleting unsolicited email and never opening attachments or clicking links contained in unsolicited emails.
  • Securing documents containing sensitive information and not leaving them unattended.
  • Frequently backing up your important data and files.