Change Management


Georgia Perimeter College Office of Information Technology utilizes a change management process that aligns with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework. It is intended to provide Georgia Perimeter College computer, network, software, systems and services with the highest level of reliability and availability. This process is intended to promote authorized and tested changes.


To provide a consistent approach for coordinating, scheduling and applying changes to OIT’s services to minimize adverse impacts of those changes to academics, college operations and the customers of those services. Ensure all parties affected are notified and informed of the scheduled change through effective communications plans.


The purpose of this document is to define OIT Change Management and support the OIT Change Management process by providing the ability to enforce the change management methodology used by Georgia Perimeter College OIT. Inadequate change control and the lack of a disciplined approach to making changes can result in system outages, lost productivity, inefficient support efforts, compromise of data integrity and information security risks.

Audience (Scope)

The initial scope of the Change Management process implementation is OIT, including all OIT staff that administer, manage or modify any computer system, infrastructure technology, network system or application system used by others.


  • To allow changes to the GPC computing environment while ensuring the appropriate amount of discipline is incorporated in the planning of change to provide reasonable predictability of service stability and availability.
  • To eliminate change that is in conflict or of unacceptable risk.
  • To ensure all parties affected by change are informed of planned changes through effective communication plans.
  • To ensure the necessary documentation, testing, notification, training (customers and staff) and procedures are in place prior to changes occurring.
  • Enable prioritization of changes based on business needs and issues.
  • Comply with legal, regulatory and audit requirements for managing changes to production systems.
  • Minimize liability on change requestor; Change Management absorbs liability.