IT Governance


The IT governance body for Georgia Perimeter College is the Technology Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is comprised of the four committee chairpersons (see below), and the Information Technology Leadership Team.

The primary functions of the Technology Advisory Board are:

  • Serve as the technology strategy committee for GPC;
  • Serve as the technology fee approval body for GPC;
  • Serve as the technology policy committee for GPC;
  • Serve as the information security council for GPC.


Each member of the Technology Advisory Board will oversee a committee for a specific strategic priority. Strategic priorities are the foundation of the Technology Strategic Plan, thereby aligning governance with strategy.  The four strategic priorities and committees are:

  • Enrollment Technology
  • Learning Technology
  • Communications Technology
  • Efficiencies Technology

2014-2015 Technology Advisory Board Members are:

  • Dr. Matthew Robison, Dean of Student Affairs, Dunwoody, Co-chair, Enrollment Technology (
  • Dr. Maggie Ehrlich, Dean, GPC Online. Co-Chair, Learning Technology (
  • Barbara Obrentz, Director of Marketing & Communications. Co-Chair, Communications Technology (
  • Jamie Fernandes, Associate Vice President, Budget, Finance, & Administration. Co-Chair, Efficiencies Technology. (

The standing co-chairs are:

  • Chris Burge, Chief Technology Officer. Co-chair, Enrollment Technology. (
  • Tracy Adkins, Director of Learning Technology. Co-chair, Learning Technology. (
  • Dexter Banks, Director of Technology Services and Support. Co-chair, Communications Technology. (
  • Alan Bryan, Associate Director, IT Business Services. Co-chair, Efficiencies Technology. (


Each committee performs the following functions:

  • Reviews objective proposals that become part of the technology strategy.
  • Advise on relevant standards and policies as a part of college-wide governance.
  • Advise on funding allocations, funding strategy, and technology fee appropriations.
  • Advise on technology initiatives appropriate to enabling the strategic priorities.